The Island

The island of Cavallo was uninhabited for thousands of years. Ancient Romans sent colonies of prisoners there to cut granite destinated for Roman monuments as it was impossible to flee. Cavallo was later abandoned during Emperor Augustus' reign and left to its destiny for centuries. It was rediscovered in the 1800s when the shepherd Terrazzoni lived there with his herd of sheep and goats.

The island was nicknamed the 'Cursed Siren', as its beauty hid snares, which navigators once feared. In 1855, on a stormy night, the deadliest shipwreck in Mediterranean history occured: the Semillante, transporting over 600 French soldiers to Crimea, sank in the Lavezzi Archipelago. Their bodies were buried in in two especially built cemeteries on Lavezzi. According to legend the cries of gulls are the voices of their souls searching for peace.

Today Cavallo is the only inhabited island of the archipelago and is the most exclusive island in the Mediterranean. Ten years ago a harbour was built, surrounded by a small village and one hundred apartments. The island however is not intended for mass tourism; it must remain an oasis with few buildings in order to protect the natural surroundings. It is a world apart, where guests can getaway on one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean.

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