The Cavallo Island

Discover the Cavallo island

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The Cavallo island is a small unspoilt paradise, located in French waters, with a particular history, which has led it to become one of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

This pearl of the Mediterranean attracts a selective and prestigious client that seeks privacy and quiet but also the exclusivity of a private.

Hôtel des Pêcheurs is the only resort on the island, an ultra-luxurious property that boasts high class services and stunning views of the Mediterranean.

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  1. Cavallo island or Cavallò island?
  2. The most beautiful legends on Cavallo island
  3. The history of Cavallo island
  4. The private island of Cavallo, between VIP and worldliness
  5. Hôtel des Pêcheurs: the only resort on Cavallo island
  6. What to do on Cavallo island
  7. The most beautiful beaches of Cavallo island
  8. Cavallo island and tourism
  9. Cavallo island: how to reach it
  10. A dream holiday on Cavallo island

Cavallo island or Cavallò island?

The island of Cavallo (Cavaddu or Cavallu, in Corsica), pronounced strictly with the accent on the o, is located in the mouths of Bonifacio, between Sardinia and Corsica, and is connected to the island of Lavezzi by a stretch of sea with many shoals.

The name “Cavallo” dates back to the end of the second century AD, when the ancient Romans went to the coasts of the island to take blocks of stones to use for their temples. The name “Cavallo” derives from “Cavo” to indicate the excavations of the ancient Roman quarries.

Until the 17th century, the full name of the island was “Ponytail”(Coda di cavallo), the same name as the well-known north-eastern coastal locality of Sardinia. The name comes from the fish that ran along the waters of the island called in Greek ἲππoυρος (‘made a ponytail’)

The most beautiful legends on Cavallo island

On such an unspoilt island, you can’t miss some legends and fantastic stories.

A legend tells how the strong energy that emanates from the rocks, with a rounded shape, pushes everyone to walk barefoot, for a Grounding form.

  • Another legend is linked to the eyes of Saint Lucia, shells that are found only here, and that would be powerful amulets.
  • Finally, on the Cavallo island live the “puffins”, birds that with their cry-like song would be on the trail of the remains of a shipwreck off the island of Lavezzi. 

The history of Cavallo island

Legends fascinate and intrigue but also the history of the place is full of surprises and twists.

The Cavallo island was born on a granite formation and remained uninhabited for thousands of years, until the Romans began to take advantage of it to obtain the valuable travertine, used to decorate important monuments and patrician villas.

The island was definitively abandoned under the empire of Augustus and remained so for many centuries, because of the pitfalls that lie behind its beauty, able to discourage even the most experienced sailors.

The island was rediscovered in 1800 by Pastor Terrazzoni, who moved there with his flock, and later bought by the famous parisian artist Jean Castel, owner of the homonymous Club still in business in Paris, towards the end of the 60s.

Castel made the Cavallo island his refuge, where he could spend most of the year in the company of his closest friends.

At the end of the 70’s, the island is already popular with the name of “anti Porto Cervo”, to emphasize the elitism that distinguishes it.

The private island of Cavallo, between VIP and worldliness

Even today, Cavallo Island is a private paradise, accessible only to the owners of villas or guests of the luxurious Hôtel des Pêcheurs, the only resort in the area.  The beautiful island is characterized by the presence of many houses designed by the famous French architect Jacques Couelle and has hosted over the years famous artists like Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Marcello Mastroianni, Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, Alicia Keys, Carolina of Monaco and Lady D.

It is an exclusive destination that often host an high-level international clients like property owners, rich businessmen and celebrities.

Hôtel des Pêcheurs: the only resort on Cavallo island

The Cavallo island hosts one incredible resort, equipped with every comfort, to ensure its guests the quiet and privacy they desire.

The renowned five-star hotel offers a panoramic view of the crystal-clear sea and the Mediterranean maquis.

With 50 spacious rooms and elegantly furnished suites, the Hôtel des Pêcheurs is the ideal place for those seeking privacy and isolation from the city, and a luxury and unforgettable stay.

The resort also has a SPA and a swimming pool overlooking the Lavezzi archipelago, where you can relax and enjoy the view.

At the Hôtel des Pêcheurs, you can also enjoy the best dishes of the French and Italian culinary tradition in the hotel’s restaurant, and participate in various activities to enjoy the island and its attractions.

But let’s see what we can do on Cavallo Island.

What to do on Cavallo island

On the Cavallo island you can do many activities such as the exploration of the island’s nature and the sea that surrounds it.

Among the most common activities are swimming, snorkelling, diving and boat excursions. In addition, on the island you can practice tennis, padel and soccer.

Golf lovers, however, can go to the nearby Sperone, to enjoy one of the most beautiful paths in the world.

Finally, you can relax and contemplate the pristine landscape of the island, strolling along the beaches or exploring the permitted areas with the electric cars provided by the Hôtel des Pêcheurs.

The Beach

Our beach is the only one equipped with sun beds, shaded areas, and a bar service for our guests' exclusive use.


Explore the underwater wonders of Cavallo Island and set out to discover fascinating relics of famous shipwrecks


Rent a boat, with or without skipper, and enjoy the idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Lavezzi archipelago


The golf camp of Sperone is ranked among the most beautiful in the world, thanks to its 18 holes spread over 135 hectares and the unique location: between the sea and the Mediterranean maquis.

Tennis & Padel

Play on the tennis and padel courts of our hotel, totally immersed in the unspoilt nature of the island of Cavallo

Swimming pool & Spa

Enjoy moments of relaxation and refreshment by the pool or in the tranquility of our Spa, equipped with every comfort and served by qualified operators.

The most beautiful beaches of Cavallo island

The beaches of the Cavallo island are one of the main features that make the place a treasure of natural beauty.

The most beautiful beach of the island is definitely Cala Greco, a unique place, thanks to its pearly sand and the intense turquoise sea, overlooking Corse.

One of the most famous beaches, however, is “la Double”, a very romantic location, known for its beautiful sunsets. It is an expanse of golden sand bathed by the crystal-clear sea, with picturesque rocks and a small lighthouse in the distance. Here it is possible to look for the peculiar eyes of “Saint Lucia”.

A very particular beach for the colour of its sand is Cala Rosa, which owes its name to the pink colour of the granite of which the beach consists.

If you are looking for a more animated beach, Shore club beach is the only equipped beach on the island, reserved only for guests of the Hôtel des Pêcheurs. The clear waters, the Caribbean seabed and the rocks that frame it, make the Shore club beach the ideal oasis for those who want to relax in the sun while sipping a cocktail.

Another unmissable beach is Zeri, with its expanse of clear water surrounded by vegetation. A detail that makes this beach unmistakable is the small pier that enriches the landscape.

Finally, the bay of Palma offers one of the most beautiful views of the island because of the white sand that blends with the waters of a thousand shades. The beach is undoubtedly the largest in Cavallo.

Whichever beach you choose, the Cavallo island offers an exclusive and unforgettable experience under the Mediterranean sun.

Cavallo island and tourism

Because of this extraordinary beauty, ensuring the environmental sustainability of the Cavallo island is imperative.

As mentioned, the island is part of the Natural Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio that covers 80,000 hectares between Corsica and Sardinia.

The site hosts 37% of the protected species of the Mediterranean (fresh water, crested cormorant, grouper, lizard tiliguerta, etc.) in coastal environments, marine and exceptional landscapes such as the archipelagos Lavezzi, Cerbicale, Bruzzi and Moines, the cliffs of Bonifacio and the ponds of Ventilègne.

Preserving the heritage of the Strait of Bonifacio means maintaining the integrity of a natural paradise of considerable importance. For this reason, there are no cars and smog on the island and we try to reduce the waste of water.

In this regard, the Hôtel des Pêcheurs is a virtuous model, which invites guests to actively contribute to maintaining a lifestyle with minimal environmental impact, through conscious tourism.

Cavallo island: how to reach it

How to reach this paradise and enjoy all the wonders it offers?

There are several ways to get to Cavallo Island.

Here is a detailed list with all the ways to reach Isola di Cavallo in total safety.

A dream holiday on Cavallo island

To realize a dream holiday on the island of Cavallo, it is important to plan everything in detail.

Hôtel des Pêcheurs offers several luxurious and prestigious options, but it is advisable to book in advance, as this is a seasonal hotel.

Check availability and offers and book your dream vacation.